Two of Cups, a creepy Valentine's short

February 16, 2017

While working on the post-production of my other short film ("Let It Out"), I shot a quick little film with my partner Erica, which she wrote and acted in (I'm in it too, but a giant mask covers my face, thankfully). The movie was conceived in an hour (inspired by Tarot cards, Witchcraft and the poetry of Elizabeth Barrett Browning "Guess now who holds thee?' -- Death' I Said. But there, The silver answer rang ... Not Death, but Love.' (Full poem here), shot in three hours (with the Canon D7000 I had rented from my buddy Gavin Kennedy ( for a totally different job), edited in six hours, and everything else (recording foley, finding the music - how lucky I found Peder Helland on YouTube - check him out , color and titles) in just under a day. It's always fun to get to play with every element of filmmaking and make super simple films - it reminds me why I love it in the first place! Here's the final movie on YouTube, hope you enjoy it.




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